The scope of accreditation of the test center of telecommunications equpment

/ / / / The scope of accreditation of the test center of telecommunications equpment

Instruments and apparatus for measuring distance communication parameters:

The instruments for measurement and control of voltage, current, resistance and power without a recording device:

Telecommunication equipment

Telephone sets:

Protection systems against unauthorized connections and access to subscriber lines; equipment of security, fire safety and security-fire alarm systems. Automatic telephone stations:

Digital, multi-channel telecommunications equipment:

Electric accumulators, lead and alkaline accumulators

Electrical reactors and static converters. Battery chargers. Static rectifiers. Secondary power supplies (AC \ DC, DC \ AC)

Static inverters

Electric generating equipment with diesel internal combustion engines. Electrical generating equipment with petrol internal combustion engines, rotary converters. Other electric generating equipment (solar and wind innovative sources of power)

Cross-connecting equipment of telephone exchanges

Telephone identification cards

Cables, wires, cords, low and high frequency symmetrical communication cables, coaxial communication cables, singlemode and multimode fiber-optic cables and power cables, optical components (splitters, optical couplings)

Electronic computers and other equipment for data processing:

Lighting for industrial buildings

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