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Certification Body of telecommunications equipment and information technologies (CB "UkrSERTZVYAZOK") is a structural division of State enterprise "Odessa scientific-research institute of telecommunications" (SE "OSRIT").

CB "UkrSERTZVYAZOK" specializes on certification (conformity assessment) next types of equipment: switches, routers, softswitches, terminal equipment (wired and wireless), switching equipment (ATE), transport systems; telecommunication cables; supply equipment for communications equipment, computer equipment, etc.

The source of financing for the CB is the funds received from payment for certification works. Certification works is paid for by enterprises, organizations, citizens who have applied for the relevant works, in accordance with their labor intensity regardless of the decisions made based on the results of their work. The cost assessment is carried out in accordance with the instructions of CB "UkrSERTSV'YAZOK" VDO23 "Instructions for estimating the cost of certification".

Accreditation Certificate NAAU № 20280 valid until 14 june 2022.

The scope of accreditation (main directions)

Scope of accreditation of CB “UkrSERTZVYAZOK”

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