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Within recent years, the State Enterprise "Odessa Scientific-Research Institute of Telecommunications" has performed significant amount of works in research, certification and metrology spheres.

The following scientific-research and scientific-technical works were carried out:

  1. PLC transmission technology research and development of recommendations for constructing the equipment based on this technology.
  2. Research of characteristics of ADSL2+ digital subscriber lines, built on the basis of the urban telephone network of PJSC "Ukrtelecom".
  3. Research of digital IP-TV system and development of corporate standard "Operational regulations for digital IP-TV system” of PJSC "Ukrtelecom".
  4. Development of automated system of PJSC "Ukrtelecom" metrological service measuring equipment accounting and its implementation.
  5. Experimental research and development of hardware-centralized calibration methods for automatic telephone exchanges (ATEs) using "Radiant" software package.
  6. State metrological attestation methodology for SCE 1000 and SCE 2000 equipment, providing ISG (Intelligent Services Gateway) and SCI (Service Control Engine) services, and state metrological attestation carrying out.
  7. Correction of normative documents for calibration and measurement laboratories attestation (in accordance with the amendments to the Law of Ukraine "About metrology and metrological activity").
  8. Development of the document "Methodology of state metrological attestation of IP-TV services based on public multiservice network infrastructure of PJSC "Ukrtelecom".
  9. Development of metrology normative document "Methodology of OSA-160 spectrum analyzer calibration".
  10. Methodology of state metrological attestation of Session Border Controller (SBC) services accounting measurement equipment and the state metrological attestation carrying out.
  11. Methodology of state metrological attestation of Cisco 3750, Cisco 3550, Cisco 2950 equipment taking into account the traffic volume via SNMP and the state metrological attestation carrying out.
  12. The concept of telecommunications networks development in rural areas of Ukraine during 2003 ... 2010 years.
  13. Development of common technical requirements for the guaranteed power supply systems of Ukraine rural networks telecommunications equipment.
  14. Scientific-technical expertise of technical specifications set for power supply units of public telecommunications network in Ukraine.

The following normative documents have been developed for the PJSC "Ukrtelecom":

  1. Corporate standard (CS) "xDSL-access equipment and networks. The basic provisions (terms and definitions)".
  2. CS "xDSL-access equipment and networks. Digital subscriber lines with copper cores. Requirements and measurement methods".
  3. CS "xDSL-access equipment and networks. Technical requirements".
  4. Digital subscriber lines, on which xDSL technologies are used, operating instructions.
  5. Methodical guideline on xDSL-access network designing.
  6. CS "Norms on electrical parameters of rural digital connection lines, built using xDSL-technologies and methods of their measurement".
  7. CS "Design and construction of subscriber lines taking into account the possibility of their further use for the broadband xDSL-access provision".
  8. CS "Digital IP-TV services. Technical operation of access networks".
  9. CS "Equipment and access networks built using Wi-Fi technology. Technical Requirements".
  10. CS "Testing of session initiation protocol (SIP) in the process of putting equipment into service. Program and methodology".
  11. CS "Application of stationary acid accumulator batteries on telecommunications networks objects of PJSC "Ukrtelecom". Requirements".
  12. CS "Technical operation of equipment and access networks with FTTB ("fiber to the building") and FTTH ("fiber to the home") architectures. Rules".
  13. CS "Protocols of next generation networks. Interaction of the SIP protocol with the Signalling System No. 7 ISUP subsystem (A and B profiles). Testing in the process of putting equipment into service. Program and methodology".
  14. CS "Designing of access networks with FTTH ("fiber to the home") architecture. Methodology".

In addition, the engineering handbook "Characteristics of access equipment and networks on the basis of xDSL technologies" was developed for the PJSC "Ukrtelecom".

More than 100 scientific publications, including 2 books and 3 monographs, and several textbooks for higher education institutes authored by SE "OSRIT" employees were published.