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Foreign partners
ISKRATEL Slovenian company Iskratel, leader in telecommunications equipment production, has 65-year experience in telecommunications field.
ELSIS PJSC «Elsis TS» was founded in 2003 in Lithuania. The company, that is included into the set of enterprise «Elsis», works in the field of communication technology, information science and intelligent engineering systems.
Ericsson Swedish company, manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. Its headquarter is situated in Stockholm. Founded in 1876 by Lars Magnus Ericsson.
Avaya The company Avaya (USA) is specialized on designing, developing, deployment and administration the corporate enterprise networks for a large range of companies – from small enterprises and non-profit funds till large corporations and government institutions.
Huawei One of the largest Chinese companies in the telecommunications field. Founded in 1987. Huawei solutions and production includes: wireless networks equipment, equipment of base network, applications and hardware, terminals.
ZTE The company was founded in 1985 in the China. Today it is the second largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and mobile phones in China.
Juniper networks The company produces telecommunications equipment mainly for Internet providers, enterprise corporations and state sector. Founded in 1996 in the USA.
Alcatel-Lucent The company performs its activity in the field of telecommunications equipment, hardware and software and others. Founded on December 1, 2006 as a result of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies merger.
Panasonic A big Japanese machine-building enterprise corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of domestic appliances and electronics. Founded in 1918 by a Japanese businessman Konosuke Matsushita.
Cisco The world leader in the field of network technologies, changing means of human speaking, communication and collaboration. The company activity is focused on five basic technological directions: trunk routing, switching and services; solutions for collaborative work; data processing centers virtualization and cloud computing; video technologies; architectures for business transformation. Founded in December 1984 by Stanford University employee group.
Aruba networks American company Aruba Networks, founded in 2002, manufactures the products for corporate enterprise wireless local networks.
Philips Business Communications (Нідерланди) PBC subdivision is leading provider of solutions in the telecommunications field. PBC is recognized to be the leader in the field of voice communication, web-portals, IP telephony, integrated contact centers, designing the communication networks and wireless DECT telephony.
Efore Oyj The company Efore Oyj was founded in 1975. Efore Oyj develops and produces power equipment for telecommunications and industry entities.
Dialogic Corporation Dialogic was founded in 1984 in Montreal (Canada). Dialogic offers a wide range of products, including Session Border Controller (SBC), media servers, media gateways, switches, telephony signaling. There is also a set of products, serving obsolete technologies such as X.25 and ISDN.
LG Electonics Inc. LG Electonics Inc. is South Korean company, one of the world largest manufacturers of electronics and domestic appliances. It is included into the LG Group conglomerate. The head office is in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd is South Korean transnational company on producing electronics, semiconductors, telecommunications equipment, memory chips, liquid crystal displays, mobile phones and monitors.
Siemens AG Siemens AG is German transnational concern, working in the field of electronic engineering, electronics, power equipment, transport, medicine equipment and light engineering as well as specialized services in different branches of industry, transport and communication. The headquarter is in Berlin and Munich.
THEO BENNING Elektrotechnik und Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG "Theo Benning Elektrotechnik und Elektronik GmbH & Co KG" was founded in 1992 in Germany. It is one of the leaders in the field of uninterruptible power supply system development.
Quant-Intercom LLC “Quant-Intercom” was founded in 1991 with purpose of integration on the Russian communication networks of digital native switching equipment family that is presented under the DCS Quant brand name on the market.
DGT Sp. z o.o. Polish company, specializing in complex system solutions in the field of telecommunications and information technologies.
TADIRAN Ltd The company was founded in 1958 as part of Israel military industrial complex. Tadiran Communications Ltd subdivision, dealing with military-oriented equipment production, was bought out on July 1, 2008 by the Elbit Systems company. Tadiran Telecom Ltd is a private company, dealing with producing BTS (business telephone system) under the Coral and FlexiCom trademark.
Ukrainian partners
PJSC “Ukrtelecom” PJSC “Ukrtelecom” is Ukrainian private telecommunications company, the country largest operator of fixed communication. The headquarter is in Kiev.
PJSC “Kyivstar” Ukrainian telecommunications company, which provides mobile communication and Internet access services. Founded in 1994.
LLC Research and Production Company “Integdif” (Kyiv) Company “Integdif” was founded in 1991 as limited liability company with 100% Ukrainian capital. It is a multidisciplinary firm, which main activities are developing and manufacturing of telecommunications and postal equipment, electronic measurement equipment for telecommunications, cross equipment, street lighting energy saving systems, elite work wear and so forth.
OJSC “ELMIS” (Kyiv) OJSC “ELMIS” deals with producing ”Kurs” radio-technical systems, digital and fiber optic data transmission systems and so forth.
PJSC “Epsiton” (Zaporizhzhia) Private joint stock company “Epsiton” was founded in 1994. The company main activity is developing and producing of electronic equipment, telecommunications systems, software development.
LLC “InnoVinn” (Vinnitsa) The main activity of the company “InnoVinn” is development of solutions for telecommunications operators: SS7 network monitoring system, SS7, CAS, PRI, DSS1 signaling and GSM protocols analyzers, IP-network analyzing and monitoring systems, billing and information systems, analog TE modernizing, switching equipment.
LLC “Electronic systems” (Khmelnitsky) LLC “Electronic systems” operates on telecommunications market since 1992.
LLC “Quarts Electronic” (Mykolayiv) Research and Production Enterprise “U-Nik” develops and produces search equipment for communication enterprises, Municipal Enterprises of Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment and other enterprises, which in their work process encounter with underground facilities damages, lay new and make searching of the old ones.
LLC “Krokus-Kom” (Mykolayiv) LLC “Krokus-Kom” was founded in 1990. Company basic directions are designing, development and producing of modern digital and analogue telecommunications equipment and communication systems and so forth.
PJSC “Chernigiv radio sets plant” (Chernigiv) PJSC “Chernigiv radio sets plant” was founded on February 14, 1947. It operates in the field space instrument making, releases military and civil application products as well.
PJSC “Dnipro machine-building plant” (Dnipro) PJSC “Dnipro machine-building plant” was founded on March 19, 1952. It produces the modern means of telecommunications and innovative information technologies.
LLC Research and Production Association «Sigma-T» (Dnipro) Research and Production Association “Sigma-T” was founded in 1991 and now is one of Ukraine leading enterprises, specializing in telecommunications equipment producing. The main activity is developing, producing and assembling of digital automatic telephone exchanges.