The telecommunications equipment certification policy

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The certification body provides applicants with an actualized detailed description of the certification procedures according to every certification scheme, as well as documents containing the requirements for certification, the rights and duties of certified products suppliers (including the cost of the work to be paid by applicants and suppliers of certified products).

The following certification schemes are used during products certification:

Scheme 1. Certification of one-of-a-kind item

Tests for the certification purpose are carried out individually for every product. A sample product which has passed the certification tests according to this scheme, obtains a conformance certificate for one-of-a-kind item for up to one-year period expiration date. The serial number of the sample is indicated in the conformance certificate (if available). The process and work procedure are established by PI-02SP-07 document.

Scheme 2. Certification of the production-lot

The certification tests are carried out on samples taken from the lot according to the rules and in the amount prescribed by the СB. Based on the positive results of the tests a conformity certificate for the production-lot is issued with a specification of products quantity in the certified lot and with the item number (if it is present) for a period not exceeding one year.

Scheme 3. Certification of serial products

This scheme provides an analysis of submitted by the applicant documentation, certification tests of product samples and further technical supervision during the validity period of conformity certificate through periodic monitoring the tests of product samples that are selected on the manufactures or at suppliers, from trading in the order, within the time limit and in the amount prescribed by СB in the program of technical supervision, and production testing (if necessary). Conformity certificate for serial production is issued with a validity period specified in the license agreement (up to one year).

Scheme 4. Certification of serial products with the manufacture inspection

This scheme provides a batch-produced production inspection, certification testing of samples taken at the enterprise, which produces these products, technical supervision over the manufacturing and certified products. The number of samples, the order of their selection, the test program, technical supervision procedure and interval are determined by СB. Conformity certificate for serial products is issued with a validity period specified in the license agreement (up to two years). The process and work procedure are established by the RI-02SP-06 "The procedure of serial products certification works according to the scheme with the manufacture inspection".

Details of the certification procedure are described in GSTU 3413-96.

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