Certification of telecommunications equipment – a set of application documents

/ / A set of application documents

Application for products certification

  1. Any artificial or natural person may be the Applicant for one-of-a-kind item or production-lot certification. In this case the Applicant must provide an official confirmation of the legality of the product acquisition or a letter about his relationship with the manufacturer.
  2. Only a product manufacturer, acting on its own behalf or through an intermediary, can be the applicant for serial products certification. The intermediary must along with application provide documents that he is authorized to act on behalf of the manufacturer and that the manufacturer enters into the same obligations as the applicant. It should be definitely indicated in whose name a conformity certificatemust be issued.
  3. The application form for carrying out the products certification (general).
  4. The application form for carrying out the products certification (with the agreement of the SSU).
  5. If the appliedproducts consist of a significant number of components, list of them can be attached in the appendix to the application.

The technical documentation, which is necessary and sufficient for the definite product identification:

For the product (containing equipment for users’ service payment), which is subject to metrological attestation, the application is provided together with:

Letter of warranty at random, indicating the full postal address, telephone, fax of the organization that will carry out this warranty (for a one-of-a-kind item product sample is not necessary).

If the Applicant, the manufacturer and/or warranty performer are different artificial persons, the obligations must be agreed with all specified persons.

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